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Keeping Baby Jesus Cozy

I walked into church last week with a big smile on my face and the excitement of Baby Jesus coming! Could you tell that the Advent and Christmas seasons are my favorites? Well, as I started thinking about the Christmas season, I had an image of Baby Jesus in the manger. Maybe because it was a bit cold that morning or maybe because I have been obsessed with making chunky blankets, but I thought of giving Baby Jesus one of my chunky blankets.

It was overwhelming with the amount of interest in the chunky blankets workshop. In November, I hosted three workshops in three weeks. All sold out! I've seen them everywhere on Etsy, Youtube and Instagram. People are loving these blankets. And yes, I can confirm that the blankets are as cozy as it looks. But I think it's more than that. I think people love the comfort and "coziness" of winter. I bet you could easily paint the image of drinking hot chocolate near the fire place in PJs and wrapped around a blanket with your family. (Even if you do not have a fireplace!) The Christmas season is just comforting. Because no matter what your situation is everyone is in the mood to spread joy and love. And to me, it is because of the joy and love that Baby Jesus brings us.

But of course, before Christmas, we must spent time waiting! Just like making the blankets, each row seemed like it was never ending! During the workshops, the ladies spent a lot of time encouraging and supporting each other to complete the project. When you are on row five and the yarn ball looks the same, it is hard to keep going! As I continued stitch by stitch, I reminded myself of how beautiful the completed blanket would be. Each stitch was an active way of saying, "I want to keep you cozy. I want to give you comfort and joy!"

So each day in Advent this year, I will remember each stitch of the chunky blanket. I am going to continue to think, "How am I going to keep Baby Jesus cozy this year?" What can you do to give Him comfort in the manger?


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