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Circle is Round; It has no End.

That's how long I want to be your friend :) Have you ever heard that song in elementary school?

In April, I held a wreath making workshop series: watercolors, embroidery and modern wreath making! So why am I so obsessed with wreaths you say?

We see wreaths everywhere. It’s a beautiful decoration for your home. But it’s not just a pretty circle with flowers. As I looked at the wreath that I made for a friend, my eyes kept circling and it reminded me of the eternal God that loves me so much. God is outside of time; actually, He created time. So in one moment, God saw everything. He knew the sin in the world; He saw my personal pain; He saw the drama and the hurt that the entire universe would encounter. He saw His children ignoring His love. But yet, God STILL created us. I thought about the endless mercy that flows from our Lord as my eyes kept circling around the wreath.

Then, I got curious. Where did a wreath come from? I searched online to find some history and traditions. I found a lot of information about Christmas wreaths and the Christian traditions, which I was happy to see! Further back in history, I read about the Greek and Roman uses of wreaths, or laurel wreaths. If you imagine Caesar or any of the Greek gods, then you could grasp the image of a leaf wreath crown that people would wear. The wreath represents victory and honor. Looking at the wreaths that my friends and I made, I saw the victory of the cross. When the soldiers mocked Jesus with a crown of thorn, Jesus won the victory of humility and love.

Lastly, we are the flowers on the wreath. We are each the unique, imperfect flower that God invites to share in His eternity. I pray that the wreath may give you hope for heaven, our eternal home. 


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